Monday, November 18, 2013

I love Texas!!!

Hello All!!  I was actually born in Massachusetts and lived there till I was 7 but I claim Texas as my home. I would love to live where there are actually 4 seasons. In Texas  you either have summer or winter and most of the time it is summer.  But when you have winter you can get ice storms!!  In 2000 we had an ice storm on Christmas day that knocked the power out to the whole city for a week.  It was a long week and  we felt like we were living in the time of Little House on the Prairie. But I still love Texas.  I have a mini-kit celebrating my state that I just uploaded to my store and a matching template also.  Here is my kit:

And here is the template:

If you are still there reading, I would like to give you a freebie that coordinates with my kit.  Just click on the preview and you can download it.  Thanks for reading and happy scrapping!!

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